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Locked Doors (ebook)

Locked Doors (ebook)

Mafia Series

Book 1

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He’s the cold and dangerous unofficial Prince of Palermo… and I just became his prisoner.

A once in a lifetime trip. That’s what my vacation to the beautiful island of Sicily was supposed to be.

But one night I saw something I shouldn’t have. An event I wish I could forget.

When Emilio Genovese, the ruthless Prince of Palermo, finds me, instead of permanently getting rid of me, he has me dragged to his compound and locked away.

For me, being locked in a room is a fate worse than death. It brings back too many terrible childhood memories.

Panic takes a hold of me, threatening to cut off the air supply to my lungs. But my captor uses his calm, steady, and reassuring voice to guide me back from the brink of insanity. My imprisoner becomes my savior.

Little by little that cold, icy exterior defrosts and I see the real him. A man willing to do anything to protect those he loves… Slowly, I start to believe I might be one of them.

But I can’t stay in his dangerous world. This is a fantasy that can’t last. Especially when I find myself staring at a positive pregnancy test.


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  • Forced proximity
  • Mafia

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Anita Brown
Absolutely loved this book!!

I love this author so everytime I find a new book she had written..I get excited!! This one did not disappoint!! It was well written , emotional and sexy as heck!! Lydia was no push over. She had endured a lot in her life which made her tough. I knew when he picked up her napkin she would be his. Their journey was not easy but their love story was eventual..loved this story...

Loved it!

Emilio kidnaps Lydia because she sees something she’s not supposed to see. While he keeps her in his fortress, Emilio discovers that Lydia is not just his captive, she’s the owner of his heart.

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