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My Storm (ebook)

My Storm (ebook)

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I will choose to give myself over to him, but I’ll never let him know my darkest secrets…

Writing and storytelling has always been my means of escape. When the world around me was falling apart, and the adults I should’ve depended on proved evil, it was my vivid imagination that got me through. That same creativity rocketed me to becoming a New York Times' bestselling author.

But what happens when the words stop coming?

I need a spark, something that will reignite the creativity I’ve always depended on. Enter Jeremy Bennett, the dangerously sexy cousin-in-law to my sister. One look from him and all of my instincts warned me to stay far away. I know he’s into unconventional relationships. Ones that involve floggers, paddles, and rules of submission. I should stay away from him, find some other means to break free from this writer’s block.

But the way he makes my skin burn with just one look is irresistible. And that constant sadness in his eyes mirrors my own. I’m drawn to him, and while I don’t have any plans of letting him know my secrets, I may be open to submitting to him. But do I have what it takes to trust him enough to let go of my inhibitions? Will Jeremy catch me if I fall for him? And moreover, can I, with all of my brokenness, be what he needs?

**My Storm is a BWWM romance that centers around two people with tragic pasts. Please read with caution as the book involves discussion of past childhood trauma and abuse.**

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