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This is Where I Sleep (ebook)

This is Where I Sleep (ebook)

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The man who broke my heart may be the one person I can rely on to keep me alive.

Five years ago, my best friend broke my heart. Liam was one of the only people in this world I trusted beyond reason. And then he left.

But I’m not one to dwell on my pain. I’ve learned to move on to the next mission. So that’s what I did.

Until one of those missions went sideways, and lives were lost.

Now, my search for answers has led me right to the doorstep of the one man I’ve tried desperately to forget.

Liam isn’t too happy to see me when I wind up in his office. And yet, he doesn’t seem to want to let me go either. It’s almost as if he’s protecting me from something. Could Liam know more than he’s letting on? And does this have anything to do with why he left me without explanation all those years ago?

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  • Billionaire
  • Friends-to-lovers to enemies-to-lovers
  • Second chance

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